Our Property

AgTEC (Agriculture and Targeted Employment Center) is the name used to refer to the land use category on our 1,717-acre property in western Palm City that was formerly a citrus grove. Its borders are Interstate 95 to the east, State Road 714 (Martin Highway) to the south and the Martin/St. Lucie county line at the C23 canal to the north. The property is uniquely located and has the following features: a mile and a half of direct frontage on Interstate 95; a large employment base around the property; existing interchanges to the north and south.

Our Location 

AgTEC is located along Interstate 95 in northern Martin County with convenient access to Palm City, Stuart, Port St. Lucie and the greater Southeast Florida Region. Its borders include the Martin/St. Lucie County line at the C23 canal to the north, State Road 714 to the south, Interstate 95 and existing planned communities to the east, and privately owned agricultural land to the west.


  • Approximately one and a half (1.5) miles of direct frontage on, and an additional 1.5 miles of visibility from, Interstate 95
  • Three (3) miles of indirect frontage
  • Existing interchanges to the north and south
  • Regional employment centers to be developed directly north, which will eventually help to anchor Tradition - a large mixed use development just north of AgTEC in Port St. Lucie
  • Opportunity to establish an alternative regional corridor (Tradition Parkway) that can eventually be extended onto the site and remove local traffic from I-95
  • Water and Sewer Services Agreement already in-place with the City of Port St. Lucie
  • High speed fiber service to the property by ITS
  • A large employment base around the property
  • Positioned to be one of the "puzzle pieces" to complete the existing regional jobs corridor that has been created in Port St. Lucie and the region
  • AgTEC does not add any additional residential development in Martin County, but would create employment opportunities for thousands of approved residential units to the north and east