About AgTEC and our First Project

This is the first time a project application has been submitted to Martin County to implement the AgTEC Land Use Category since it became part of the Martin County Comprehensive Growth Management Plan in 2011. The challenge and opportunity for this first, Planned Unit Development (PUD) application is to show how it conforms to the vision for the property as a whole and provides clarity about how future development will occur on the site over the long-term. 

The AgTEC Land Use Category is located along the I-95 corridor just south of the biotech and medical industries in Tradition in St. Lucie County. The property currently consists of agricultural land, converted from citrus crops to cattle grazing.

Since the summer of 2014, we’ve been working diligently on this application, and with County staff have been creating new planning tools, including a Conceptual Master Plan for the 1,717 acres within the AgTEC Land Us Category and a Development Tracking Form, so County staff and future applicants will have clear guidance and tracking methods to ensure future AgTEC PUDs adhere to the vision set forth in the AgTEC Land Use Policies and understand the requirements and obligations.

Our first project, (AgTEC PUD-1) is  a 7.66 acre PUD located on Martin Highway in western Palm City. In this first PUD, we are proposing to develop about 32,100 square feet of professional office space in four buildings that could become the location for uses such as regional headquarters, agriculture, biotech industries, support facilities and other permissible uses along the I-95 corridor.

This first project offers an opportunity to add jobs and increase the tax base without negative impacts to surrounding environmental lands or residential communities. It also serves to re-purpose a former citrus grove, that had been farmed for several decades before citrus greening destroyed it, while also beginning to incorporate environmental restoration elements into the development.

Since 2011, well in advance of submitting this first application, we’ve taken many steps in furtherance of the AgTEC policies in the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan (Comp Plan): obtaining water and sewer from the City of Port St. Lucie as required by The Comp Plan; defining a canal reservation (Western Buffer Area) with the South Florida Water Management District; providing financial assistance to the Martin Grade Scenic Highway; and securing a service agreement to provide on-site high speed fiber.